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hello! i'm jennifer, a Seattle-based private yoga teacher, massage therapist, meditation coach, loving mama, recovering perfectionist, and perpetual student who’s passionate about supporting you in finding balance, prioritizing your wellbeing, and learning smart strategies to fit yoga and meditation into your busy life.


My specialty is offering stress-busting one-on-one yoga sessions in my peaceful and secluded Ravenna Park studio. 


If your busy lifestyle has left you feeling time-crunched, distracted, overwhelmed, tired or inflexible, you definitely deserve a break... and I can help! I believe that we aren't born knowing how to manage the stress of contemporary life; we need to learn and practice the tools that can help us get through it all in one piece—and enable us to truly thrive.

In our practice together, my intention is to help you cultivate real work/life balance and reap the rewards of a consistent yoga practice, including enhanced focus, increased confidence, greater body awareness and self-respect, more effective stress management, and improved strength and flexibility in both body and mind, to name just a few. 


questions? let's discuss:



"Best yoga session ever... and from the sweetest instructor!!"


—Megan Marie C.

photo by dean hobson

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