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Corporate yoga and meditation programs can have measurable

benefits for you, your colleagues and your company as a whole.


Studies show that, on average, workplace yoga and wellness

programs provide an 11-to-1 or higher ROI (return on

investment) by enhancing employee health and wellbeing,

reducing on-the-job injuries and sick days, aiding in staff

retention, and teaching your team practical stress

management techniques.


In addition, on-site yoga and meditation can improve

each participant's mental focus, productivity, and

posture (desk hunch, be gone!), as well as promote

overall job satisfaction and encourage more positive

interactions with coworkers and clients.


Many of the most respected and successful companies

in the world—including Google, Nike, Apple, Forbes, General

Motors, HBO, and Microsoft—are already offering yoga and wellness

programs at work. Here in Seattle, I have provided yoga, meditation and 

coaching services for teams and individuals at the American Heart Association,

Wing Luke Museum, Avvo, Knock Rentals, Wunderman, The Gates Foundation, and more. 


Just imagine what a series of on-site sessions could do for your team!


To find out more about how I can help you implement a customized yoga and/or meditation coaching program at your office, simply click the button below and provide your contact info to schedule a complimentary intro call. I offer private online scheduling as well as a variety of program structures to meet your company's needs, and I look forward to delivering the benefits of yoga, and meditation to you at your place of business!

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What Clients Are Saying...

"I have done a fair amount of yoga before in my life and was so happy when my company started using Jennifer for our corporate classes every Wednesday!


I love her emphasis on everyone going at their own pace, only doing what's within their own limits, and having a general mindfulness both as you practice and throughout the day.


Namaste, Jennifer!"


—Clay Blackiston, Product Manager, Knock Rentals



“The mindfulness [meditation coaching] session was awesome! Really, really great afternoon decompression break.



—Admin Employee, Avvo



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