For Releasing Muscle Tightness and Tension: WELLROUND


Experience the benefits of myofascial release without leaving home. Wellround's unique kit includes two sets of specially designed balls that pair with its iPhone app to guide you through your own tension-dissolving rollout session. 

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For Sharing the Gift of Yoga or Bodywork: SUNBREAK GIFT CARDS VIA SQUARE

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For Setting Up Your Dream Yoga Practice Space at Home: YOGA OUTLET

Whether you are seeking a high-quality mat from brands like Manduka and Jade Yoga; the best yoga props by way of Hugger Mugger and Native Yoga; beautiful and functional yoga clothing from labels like Spiritual Gangster, Prana and Onzie; or groovy accessories to personalize your space... Yoga Outlet has you covered with its expansive selection of all things yoga. Take a look HERE

*Please note that this page contains affiliate links. Your purchase supports a local, woman-owned small business as well as other holistic businesses and your continued wellness. Thank you!

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