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You're smart, so you probably already know what's keeping you from stepping onto a yoga mat.


Is it that:


>> you're not naturally flexible, can't touch your toes?

>> you've always embraced a no-pain, no-gain approach to moving your body... but now your body just hurts?

>> you have plenty of questions about what exactly this yoga stuff is—but don't know whom to ask? 


>> your local yoga studios and gyms are closed for in-person classes, and the thought of trying to practice on a group Zoom where the teacher can't even see what you're doing makes you feel ill at ease?

>> you suspect you need and deserve more personalized attention than you would get from a YouTube video?

>> you know how to practice yoga, but you need someone to hold you accountable and make sure you actually do it?


I hear you. So many of my clients are in the exact same boat!


That's why the heart of my teaching practice is offering customized, one-on-one yoga sessions that are interactive and personalized, so progress happens faster than it would in a group class.


Here are just some of the benefits my clients have reported experiencing as a direct result of their one-on-one yoga sessions with me:


+ more effective stress management

+ improved focus at work

+ greater strength and flexibility (in both body and mind)

+ enhanced sense of wellbeing

+ significant reduction in aches and pains

+ better posture, stability, balance and stamina

+ feeling like a brand-new and improved version of yourself

+ the ability to face and conquer hurdles that previously seemed insurmountable, both on and off the mat

Ok, sounds pretty good, right? So what’s the next step?


Click the button below to schedule your complimentary Zoom Intro meeting. Then I’ll be in touch to help you determine a mutually convenient time to get your questions answered and see if we’re a good fit to build your yoga practice together.


If we do decide to work together, we can practice via Zoom or (weather, schedule and location permitting) in the comfort of your backyard. Regardless of venue, you'll have the chance to get the personalized feedback you need to build a yoga routine that's ideal for your unique body, mind, spirit + lifestyle. 


So let’s get you on the calendar! Click here:

photo credit: taylor ball

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