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"I started doing private yoga sessions with Jennifer about 3 months ago. We met before the first session to discuss what my goals were for our practice, and she designed a custom routine incorporating different styles of yoga. Since then we have worked steadily to improve my balance and flexibility, and she uploaded audio of our sessions to soundcloud so that I could practice while traveling. This yoga is a life-changing experience. I highly recommend it to everyone."


—Jamie M.


"My yoga session with Jenn was really good. She has a very calm demeanor but also uses great music to keep you energized and inspired. Watching her do a pose is helpful, and then she will also help you make adjustments as needed. I thought our session had a great flow and would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in yoga."


—Nicole W.

"Jennifer's gentle guidance and excellent instruction make her class rise above others as THE class to take if you want to really care for yourself. I'm thankful to have this in my calendar each week."

—Jenine L.


"I was absolutely blown away by the practice. I've never done restorative yoga before, and I think it will be really helpful for me. The relaxation was wonderful. I love, love, LOVE the class."

—Paola T.

"Jennifer is a calm, welcoming, elegant teacher with an ability to bring her students gradually and wisely into the poses. Her intentional class framework helped me to release deeper into King Pigeon than I ever had before. She creates a very pleasant, supportive space so her students can relax and focus. I highly recommend her!"

—Carly H.

"I gave myself the gift of yoga today, and it felt great! Thanks, Jennifer, for the awesome class. At one point, I felt like I was on the beach in the sun. Perfect!"

—Cat B.

"I took a series of private yoga lessons from Jennifer with the hope of alleviating some chronic back problems. Jennifer helped me understand the mechanics of my posture and core strength, and taught me stretches and exercises to target the area. It's now a year and a half later, and my back has not gone out again. I'm also able to do more intense workouts than before. Jennifer's wisdom about the body has changed my life, and I'm so grateful."

—Shannon S.

"My husband and I practice with Jennifer twice a week and we are very happy with our experience. She is kind, patient and super knowledgeable. She always takes the time to check in and make sure our practice is working for us and makes adjustments whenever needed. Her studio is a lovely space that is light and breezy and we always leave feeling calm and restored!"

—Cindy V.

"Jennifer is outstanding. She has been giving me private lessons the past several months for pain management. She is punctual, very conscientious of my needs and restrictions, and a joy to work with. Most importantly, I am beginning to experience a significant and sustained reduction in pain. If you have the opportunity to work with her, consider yourself fortunate."

—VonDell B.
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